Day 129 of the 117 Day Challenge - The Endcap....

Day 117 was August 26 - the closing day of the Toastmasters 2017 International Convention. The framing of this challenge was essentially from the day I took second at Division in the International Speech Contest to the final crowning of the World Champion of Public Speaking, which actually occurred the night of August 25, when Manoj Vasudevan took home the big trophy - congrats to Manoj!

So what did I do with all those found days - days I didn't need to be practicing for a semi-final, much less Finals speech, as I have so often done in the past? With the extra few weeks of found time before even the District Contest, which I've previously competed in the last 3 years, and 10 of the last 18?

Not much, sadly, which was one of my fears before putting this transparent challenge out there. Which is why it's taken me nearly two weeks to fess up - the other being the common deflation I feel at the end of every contest cycle.


Write my Speak & Deliver Boo…

Days 104 to 105 - 12 Days Left

Bought a new car today.
Moving toward my goals at full-speed.
This week, as has been mentioned, is full of appointments, first days and half-days of school, and more.

My diet is non-existent the last 4 days, and I'm back up to probably 216 in the morning.
Gout pain came back yesterday - haven't worked out past two days. May not have TIME to work out until Wednesday.

Got another two podcasts up - - take a listen.

TEDx rehearsal just 5 days away.

Really need to focus. I feel like I am, at times, going backward and forward all at once. Crazy, right?

Days 100 - 103 - 2 weeks left....

Which, not so coincidentally, means in 2 weeks the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking will be crowned.

So much of my energy this week has been diverted by thinking about the house loan - and the fact we didn't qualify. And buying paint for the house while watching Kristi go nuts painting it. And thinking about going out to buy a new car.

And realizing I really need to go out and get a job, even with school starting up, in the next 4-6 weeks - as we are about to lose SSI income at Braden's court hearing in 10 days.

Frankly, there's a fair amount of stress around the house, and I'm going a little bit nuts.

With two weeks left, I know I haven't done what I wanted to do with the first 103 days of these 'found days'. But you'd be amazed how productive you can be when the pressure's on. Unless you don't want to be, because it makes you feel bad about how you weren't productive enough when the pressure WASN'T on as much.

The mental mindgames can…

Day 95 - 99 - 117 Found Days

An up & down past four days. Meanwhile, the Found Days Finish Line is in sight.

Weekends are always a bit challenging around here, but things weren't terribly busy. Worked out 2 of the 4 days, then my gout flared again Sunday, turned extremely bad yesterday, and has hung on today, though the massive amount of meds I've put into my system (no prednisone yet) seems to have calmed it down from a 12 pain level (almost ER worthy) to about a 7 right now. At least I can walk today. Last night, I could bare take a step.

Diet-wise, I've been good - and this morning I was down to 210.4 after several days of 212, 214, despite doing the right things. We'll see if I'm on the losing trend tomorrow. Hoping to be 200 by next Saturday, when I have my TEDx rehearsal. I'm looking at adding Tumeric to my daily regimen - supposedly it's good for gout pain. And, if push comes to shove, I may have to let go of my Atkins diet, and go to a low-fat, low-cal, veggie rich diet - sh…

Days 93 & 94 - feeling some power....

Or maybe it's just the steroids. Tough to say.

Last two days, I've gained a client, started a Facebook group, worked out 2 more times, weighed in at a low of 210.2 before going on a break day for the day today, and had a good time at my home TM club tonight, serving as General Evaluator.

Frankly, I'm excited and motivated, and don't have much more to say other than, excuse me for now, I have a bunch to do.

If you're looking for a great group of folks to mastermind with and give & receive support from as you try to reach a higher goal in a shorter time - particularly regarding your income, come join the group at:

In the meantime - Win Anyway!

Day 90-92 - 25 Days Left/August in Review

Had a strong final three days of July, at least diet and family-wise.

My weight this morning, despite my inability to work out due to my gout flare ups over the last couple of weeks, is 211.6 - before I go workout, which I am able to do thanks to the wonders of Prednisone. After the workout, I should be 210.6 - but I can't really count that chicken before it's hatched.

Regardless - my July workouts, which started strong - (10 in the first 15 days) - ended weak - (4 for the final 16 days) - were about the same as last month - 14 for 31. My diet, however, was much more consistent - 16 of 31 days, including the last 8 days, giving me more than half the month, after only 1/3 the month in June. Proof, essentially, that the diet is more crucial than working out.

Overall weight loss: July 1 - 216.0/Aug 1 - 211.6 - I'll go with 4 1/2 pds. Progress.

August promises to be even better, as the last 8 days have been part of my new approach of '11 day cycles' - 10 days on, 1 day…

Day 86 to 89 - Heading into the Weekend

Some good things going on this week.

First of all, despite some 'popcorn challenges' at War for the Planet of the Apes and Valerian, I am down to 213.8 from 219.6 earlier in the week. Which reminds me, I need to do a couple of video reviews.

Looking at adding a challenge to Facebook to help people make $100K in 100 Days - something I was going to pair with another speaker on, but, as it turns out, I will now be doing primarily on my own. I've already connected with a few people that will be a part of this project. Also, a few people who have simply been very encouraging to me regarding this project and my speaking career.
One concern with this project was that it might take away from my primary goals. On the other hand, if I focus on my primary goals, this new goal can certainly be achieved as a by-product.  A win-WinAnyway prospect.

Kristi and I are also looking to make a big change for our family. Prying eyes might be reading this blog, however, so I'll have to keep it …