Day 0 - Welcome

Welcome to 117 Found Days - a new, self-contained WinAnyway blog designed to cover what I plan to do over the next 3 3/4 months.

While this may seem like an arbitrary number, it is, in fact, very specific. This weekend I took second at the Division Level of the Toastmasters International Speech Contest. This rarely happens. Typically, I move on to District, and just as typically, I move on to the Semi-Finals, and even the Finals.

Thanks to my early exit, I essentially have 117 'found days' - like 'found money' - days I need not be distracted by the contest, but can completely focus on my speaking and coaching business.

The contest has not been the only distraction over the last 13 years since I first took money for coaching/speaking. Six kids and major medical issues with them, and even me, have taken precedence. And, I admit, I've been a bit lax - sat back, always waiting for the next crisis or opportunity to come to me.

But now - I've down to only one excuse - ME.

Can you identify with that?

So the next 117 days will be filled with focused activity - writing, podcasting, website building, marketing, and fun - and I'll be as transparent as reasonable (not say, The Circle transparent, but that's going a bit overboard, right?) - and hopefully be an encouragement for you to do something with your 'found days' or 'found hours' or just your life in general. Maybe I'll just make you laugh at me and my frustrations from day to day. Maybe I'll write this and no one will ever read it. That's OK.

I'll Win Anyway.


  1. 1st place winner might have to step out in which case you would CompeteAnyway. Or you can use it for the time you've discussed. Looking forward to reading your musings, sir.


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