Day 11-12 Transitioning

My last post garnered a fair amount of attention, thankfully none as negative as I might have feared.

Yesterday and today have been fairly busy, family-wise, though I still managed to go see a movie with Kristi today - Snatched - which is a movie I would only see if I could get in free. Some funny moments, but outweighed by the trashy moments.

Pretty much have the finances figured out for the next few months, and am resetting a few goals.

Had a meeting with a temp agency today, and they are confident they can place me in a local company - not a ton of money, but steady for three months, with opportunity. The biggest opportunity, still in my eyes, is to buy time to pursue speaking and coaching.

It's not like I'm not coaching NOW, mind you. I just need to build a steady stable of clients. What I'm NOT doing much of is speaking - and that needs to change. With an 8-5 job, it'll be trickier than before, but I'm sure if the situation warrants, I'll either get the time off, or switch temp jobs.

This upcoming weekend - Mother's Day - probably won't be as 'productive' as I'd like - but I do have Saturday. Sort of.

More tomorrow - I have to go pick up my daughter from babysitting.


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