Day 13-15 - Anxiety

Yeah - Anxiety. It comes in many forms.

Day 13 - buying a grill. There's anxiety. Had to buy a new one after one of my kids set our old one on fire last year. Accidentally. Figured Mother's Day weekend would be good - Kristi loves to BBQ. So we bought one, couldn't fit it in the van, and had a neighbor pick it up in her truck. Had it in the front, but anxiety (Kristi's, not mine) hit again. Worried that someone might steal it after seeing it from the street, we moved it to the back.

Day 14 - Mother's Day. Kris worked til 3 in the morning at the theatre - so there's anxiety there. Took kids to church, then headed to Wal-Mart to pick up a card. Yes, I left the kids at church, skipped the sermon (not the music though), and went to the store. Mother-in-Law came over - not much anxiety there on my side - though she's a ball of anxiety all her own. Still, a relaxing afternoon watching Pirates of the Caribbean (Kristi's choice). Relaxing as in sleep inducing. Never made it all the way through that movie without napping - and neither has Kris. A good day, overall, including the first meal on the grill - burgers and hot dogs.

Day 15 - Today - Monday. I felt a lot of anxiety this morning (being up 5 lbs from last Monday didn't help), and throughout the day. Wondering if I'd get word from the temp agency, and how that would affect life, especially with school ending in the next 2 weeks. Anxiety over needing to replace two front tires on the PT Cruiser after Kristi noticed steel threads on the front driver's side. Anxiety that pretty much stopped me from getting anything done - even my workout ended early because I just felt....anxious at the halfway mark, and headed home. At this point, I've heard nothing from the temp agency - but I emailed them. And set up an appt. for tires tomorrow.

The night will finish with me heading upstairs to watch TV with the family - a DVR'd episode of Arrow and tonight's new episode of Supergirl. Then I'll keep bingeing ER with Kris, and good night.

Day 16 -Tomorrow needs to be more defined, so lets see what I can do...

5 am - up/workout
7:45 - kids to school
10:30 am - appt for tires
2:45 - pickup kids

These are the 'appointed tasks'. It's what I do between times that will move me forward...

Sizzle Reel?
Client Speech - that's a definite.

So - even those four things may be 'too much'. We'll see what happens.

I just hope I'm less anxious....


  1. You have some creative kids if they can set a grill on fire.


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