Day 3 - More Progress

A good day that could have been better.

Worked out - down to 216.4 today. Didn't eat great today, but didn't eat too much.

Bought a bed for my girls - whose makeshift bunk bed was starting to die.

Didn't get to a blogpost on Speak & Deliver, nor did I work on my website.

Had a good talk with a fellow speaker, and we've planned an event to film footage for a sizzle reel next week, as well as put on a speaking workshop in June. Plans made in this conversation make for a successful day.

Also, got a book in the mail from a fellow speaker who I went to college with for a year or so - Mark Henson - head here to take a look at it:

Still - I spent a lot of time distracting myself with the NBA Playoffs, then the Rockies game - even while helping kids with homework. I also 'lose' time everyday shuttling kids to & from school. I'll miss those trips, eventually, so I don't really want to complain about it. It is a time-user though.

Getting distractions down has to be a priority for me.

Tomorrow - again, the website and the blogpost are goals. I have a meeting with another speaker at noon, and a TM meeting tomorrow night.


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