Days 21-30 - Full Summer Ahead

The last week is a blur. Heck, it kinda feels like the whole month has been a blur.

Final week of school - everyone's out now, and we have six kids at home. I've spent the last six days focusing on eating right, working out, getting kids where they need to go, talking with clients, and figuring out what's next.

Had a family meeting Friday, and asked the kids what their goals were. Got an interesting mix of response. The 16 year-old is working with a clear goal of getting her license and a car. My 12 year old, who's been reading Jack Canfield's Success Principles, wants to earn some money, work on his animations, and go on a mission trip (this final one was a surprise). My 19 year old wants to build his muscles, and the others just mostly want to have a fun summer.

The job search is in flux - partially because of scheduling. In the next month, we have camps to shuttle kids to, and my mom's coming out to visit. I'm still looking, but I'm looking more for flexibility.

Reached my lowest weight of the year - if only by .2 lbs - I'm at 215.4, down exactly 4 lbs since Monday. Pushed through the weekend, but not so much Monday or today - back up to 217.6, after hitting 214.0 yesterday morning. With Wonder Woman coming out in 2 days, I'll need to really control my urges for popcorn/candy.

I did get to my Professional Presenters TM meeting, and was pressed into action when a speaker dropped out the day before. I led a 'year-end' discussion that promoted officership, and asked for feedback from the attendees about what we're doing well, and what we can do better. Some changes in the club are coming. I'm hoping to continue being part of them.

I've gotten some good time in with the kids this week, even with Kristi being as sick as I was the previous week. We didn't do anything in particular for Memorial Day Weekend...just hung around the house.

I've got 87 days left in this particular challenge, and really need to get my ducks in a row. The last month has been turbulent, but I see some good coming out of the bad. My biggest challenge right now? Taking action. For me, for my clients, both current and future, and ultimately, most importantly, for my family.

To Win Anyway one project at a time.


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