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Days 60-62 Tracking Well

If you follow me on social media, you've probably already heard I was selected for TEDx Colorado Springs. I am, of course, over the moon about this development, and look forward to keeping you abreast of my progress through their coaching and rehearsal process. The big event is Nov. 4th, 2017. I count this as the biggest success, career-wise, for me during this 117 found days period.
As of this morning, post-workout, I am at 216.2 lbs. Down all of one pound since June 1. I've been tracking my eating and my workouts closely in May and June (I've been tracking my eating for years), and the results are telling. I stayed totally true to my diet (low carb, no sugar) only 7 days each month. less than 25% of the time. I worked out 13 times in June, and 18 times in June, so basically once every 2 days. When I'm off the diet, most of the time, about 3 out of 4 days, I'm WAY off the diet (popcorn, Junior Mints, Ben & Jerry's, Twizzlers, chinese food, etc.).

In that t…

Days 56-59 - TEDx and Other Corners

Saturday I auditioned for TEDx Colorado Springs. 20 people auditioning for 10 spots - and we 20 were narrowed down from 80 submissions. Won't find out til July 8 whether or not I'm in the final 10. Enjoyed the experience - not quite the same as a contest, nerve-wise - reminded me more of trying out for parts in college. I know I spoke well, but I'm not sure my content is quite what they are looking for, despite my attempt to tailor my Win Anyway message into their 'Just Around the Corner' theme.

Didn't work out Sat, Sun, or Mon, but did today. Struggles on the diet, what with going to the movies, watching movies with the family, and not doing a good job avoiding popcorn, ice cream, junior mints, etc. Even last night I succumbed to pizza - we bought three of them for Rachel's summer party. We promised her a party since her birthday is near Thanksgiving, and it creates party issues. We offered Riker one too, but he hasn't been overly anxious about it. St…

Days 52-55 - A Few Good Days

This week has been a good one - though it certainly hasn't been 'less busy', by any means.

Mom flew home Tuesday, after a good visit out here. Bad timing, though, since she got all the hot weather and this weekend Denver is nice and cool. Oh well, the visit to the ER for heat exhaustion and dehydration was exciting...

Wednesday was the Rockies game, which I've documented fairly well on both FB and Twitter. Ian Desmond, who plays 1st base and/or Left Field for the Colorado Rockies, befriended a child with Neurofibromatosis during his time with the Washington Nationals, and now does a tremendous job raising money and awareness for NF. Part of that is bring NF families to the ballpark. All 8 of us were able to go, watch batting practice, meet Ian, get autographs and pictures, then spend the night watching the 1st place Rockies get pounded by the Diamondbacks. C'est la vie - baseball is about the long run, not a single game....kinda like life. Overall, it was a great …

Days 39 - 51 - 12 Busily Restful Days

Almost two weeks without an entry. Really glad I didn't commit to a daily post...

The last twelve days have been busily restful - taking kids to camp, spending a few days with Kristi focusing on just us, and finishing up with a visit - the first in three years - from my mom. She's actually still here, so I won't spend too much time on this post, but I wanted to at least check in. And, oh yeah, I turned a year older the day before celebrating Father's Day. And gave a speech that I videoed as a tryout for TEDx Colorado Springs (but I haven't heard back, so that's probably out). And outlined Kristi's sequel to her book.

What I haven't been doing is working out or dieting much, and the scale reflects it. Back up to 220 today after getting down to 213. Sigh.

With 67 Days left in this 117 Found Days journey, the first 40 have proven to be challenging to me, mentally, and my schedule has been packed. Even tomorrow I have to take mom to the airport and immediatel…

Days 31 - 38 - 79 Days Left...

...and only 10 days til I hit 49 years old. Crazy.

The last week has seen some advances - I'm making progress with my website, I've been in touch with clients and potential clients, I've made arrangements to video a speech tomorrow night as an audition for TEDx Colorado Springs.

Summer is in full swing - with most the kids leaving for camp tomorrow, and one coming back. Lots of sleepovers happening as well, though luckily no one seems to come over HERE...

Finally got to see Wonder Woman - as good as the reviews say it is.

Taking a 'staycation' this weekend with Kris, who gets some paid vacation now that she's in management - it'll be nice with kids gone, and us staying somewhere other than home for a couple days.

Job situation is still in 'hold' - and will be thru end of June - though I'm still sending out some feelers.

Weight-wise, even though the 'diet' isn't going as well as I'd like, I'm working out most days, and finally bro…