Days 31 - 38 - 79 Days Left...

...and only 10 days til I hit 49 years old. Crazy.

The last week has seen some advances - I'm making progress with my website, I've been in touch with clients and potential clients, I've made arrangements to video a speech tomorrow night as an audition for TEDx Colorado Springs.

Summer is in full swing - with most the kids leaving for camp tomorrow, and one coming back. Lots of sleepovers happening as well, though luckily no one seems to come over HERE...

Finally got to see Wonder Woman - as good as the reviews say it is.

Taking a 'staycation' this weekend with Kris, who gets some paid vacation now that she's in management - it'll be nice with kids gone, and us staying somewhere other than home for a couple days.

Job situation is still in 'hold' - and will be thru end of June - though I'm still sending out some feelers.

Weight-wise, even though the 'diet' isn't going as well as I'd like, I'm working out most days, and finally broke into the 213 number. If I can be disciplined with my indulgences this weekend, I have a legitimate opportunity to get under 210 in time for my birthday.



  1. Good to see you're getting progress and relaxation. Too often we sacrifice one for the other. Stay motivated and you'll be ready to give us some great updates after the break.


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