Days 39 - 51 - 12 Busily Restful Days

Almost two weeks without an entry. Really glad I didn't commit to a daily post...

The last twelve days have been busily restful - taking kids to camp, spending a few days with Kristi focusing on just us, and finishing up with a visit - the first in three years - from my mom. She's actually still here, so I won't spend too much time on this post, but I wanted to at least check in. And, oh yeah, I turned a year older the day before celebrating Father's Day. And gave a speech that I videoed as a tryout for TEDx Colorado Springs (but I haven't heard back, so that's probably out). And outlined Kristi's sequel to her book.

What I haven't been doing is working out or dieting much, and the scale reflects it. Back up to 220 today after getting down to 213. Sigh.

With 67 Days left in this 117 Found Days journey, the first 40 have proven to be challenging to me, mentally, and my schedule has been packed. Even tomorrow I have to take mom to the airport and immediately return to take a daughter to a doctor's appointment.

Focus points remain building on my income, getting my website up, and writing a book. On top of, y'know, being a good husband and dad, and losing weight, too.

Good news is, life calms down Wednesday. Oh wait - no it doesn't. Rockies game - going early for batting practice and great seats at the game thanks to Ian Desmond and the Children's Tumor Foundation. Maybe Thursday....



  1. One step at a time. Even if it's a stumble. Just don't stop. Thanks for the updates. Looking forward to touching base with you next month.


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