Days 52-55 - A Few Good Days

This is a second deck view, we were on the first level.

This week has been a good one - though it certainly hasn't been 'less busy', by any means.

Mom flew home Tuesday, after a good visit out here. Bad timing, though, since she got all the hot weather and this weekend Denver is nice and cool. Oh well, the visit to the ER for heat exhaustion and dehydration was exciting...

Wednesday was the Rockies game, which I've documented fairly well on both FB and Twitter. Ian Desmond, who plays 1st base and/or Left Field for the Colorado Rockies, befriended a child with Neurofibromatosis during his time with the Washington Nationals, and now does a tremendous job raising money and awareness for NF. Part of that is bring NF families to the ballpark. All 8 of us were able to go, watch batting practice, meet Ian, get autographs and pictures, then spend the night watching the 1st place Rockies get pounded by the Diamondbacks. C'est la vie - baseball is about the long run, not a single game....kinda like life. Overall, it was a great time, and we appreciated the chance to get out as a whole family - something which rarely happens anymore.

Been hitting the gym again, after having a two week period where I only went twice. I'm back up to the 218-220 range, but I really have no obstacles the rest of the summer, and expect to get to the 190's by the end of August.

In my last post, I mentioned I hadn't heard anything from TEDx Colorado Springs, and that 'that didn't bode well'. The next day, in fact, I DID hear from them, and I'm going to a live audition tomorrow morning, that will hopefully cement my place on the program.

More later...for now, I'm happy with the last few days, and looking forward to the weekend opportunities.


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