Days 56-59 - TEDx and Other Corners

Saturday I auditioned for TEDx Colorado Springs. 20 people auditioning for 10 spots - and we 20 were narrowed down from 80 submissions. Won't find out til July 8 whether or not I'm in the final 10. Enjoyed the experience - not quite the same as a contest, nerve-wise - reminded me more of trying out for parts in college. I know I spoke well, but I'm not sure my content is quite what they are looking for, despite my attempt to tailor my Win Anyway message into their 'Just Around the Corner' theme.

Didn't work out Sat, Sun, or Mon, but did today. Struggles on the diet, what with going to the movies, watching movies with the family, and not doing a good job avoiding popcorn, ice cream, junior mints, etc. Even last night I succumbed to pizza - we bought three of them for Rachel's summer party. We promised her a party since her birthday is near Thanksgiving, and it creates party issues. We offered Riker one too, but he hasn't been overly anxious about it. Still, I got out to the gym this morning, did a few extra workouts, and got my weight down to 219.8 after a high of 223 over the weekend.

The job hunt has been mostly non-existent, mostly since every time I turn around another doc appt. or camp drop-off/pick-up pops up on the calendar. Unfortunately, I haven't really spent much time marketing speaking/coaching, either, leaving me a non-profitable stay-at-home dad - which has it's non-monetary rewards, but isn't all it needs to be for the family as a whole.

With July just around the corner, I'm running out of 'found days' - 48 left, officially. After that, school will start, and a whole new round of obstacles will hit.

I am moving forward, however. Slowly, perhaps, but forward. #WinAnyway


  1. Slow and Steady it is. Course laid in. Ahead, best speed. Engage.


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