117 Days Going FAST - Days 75 to 85

The month is flying by - Rachel spent two weeks at camp, Bailey & Braden a week at camp and currently on an 11 day trip to see their bio-dad - and a whole lot of life in-between drop-offs & pick-ups.

Diet & Working Out continues to stall. Heck, life is stalling. Some motivational speaker I am - can't lose weight, isn't getting anything done, except, y'know, keeping up with six kids, working with several coaching clients, heading up a Professional Toastmasters group, prepping for TEDx...

Well, ok, I'm propping myself up a bit, just to keep my own ego from shrinking like a popped water balloon on the hot sidewalk. Meanwhile, I have enough awareness to know I can be doing more.

I can help more people as a coach.
I can help more people as a writer.
I can help more people as a speaker.

I can be a better person. Maybe that's what these 117 Days will end up being about. I still have 32 days, just over a month, to actually have some concrete production to talk about. And I am a last minute kind of guy.

I guess we'll see. I have some victories this summer. I can create more.


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