Days 63-66 - The Long Weekend

I gotta say, not much happened over the Long Weekend.

I took three of the kids to Despicable Me on Saturday - they loved it, I tolerated it.
I worked out Sat & Sun, but not Mon & Tue.
I stayed on my eating plan Sat, but not Sun-Tue.
We caught up on the last 8 episodes of Gotham.
We bought and Kristi put up a screen door - something she's wanted to do since we moved into this house 7 years ago this month.

Didn't really do anything for the fourth - I'm not a big fireworks guy - all the walking & waiting. We ordered pizza, watched a movie, and Kristi drove the kids around and found a spot to watch the fireworks for awhile.

The Long Weekend, when I wasn't in the midst of doing, was a lot of thinking about what I SHOULD be doing, without actually doing any of it, because I was also thinking about what ELSE I SHOULD be doing, while doing what I did.

Which made it a Long Weekend.

No holidays for awhile. Just a couple of camps, a few doc appts., school starting again in six weeks. Sheesh - summer is flying by.

Just an update. No great shakes. Gotta get to the day. Hope your fourth was what you wanted it to be.


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