The Ups & Downs of Momentum - Days 67 to 74

8 days gone by. Crazy I tell ya. Wanted to blog within a day or two of my last post, and thought, 'no, too soon', and now it's 8 days.

I've worked out 6 of those 8 days, and been really good on the diet all 8 days, and am down to 213.4 this morning, down from 218.8 the date of my last post. Progress.

I signed a new keynote coaching client, which eases the financial pressure at home a bit, but a job may still be in the offing.

Life is still filled with lots of little appointments - including my own visit to Urgent Care on Tuesday with a swollen and painful left hand - gout flare up, despite my daily management meds. Prednisone almost has it cleared up.

Picked up Rachel from Camp yesterday, got an oil change - you know, all these things add up, and finding time for all those things like websites, etc., just seem to get eaten up by the urgent needs of now.

I've been focusing on my Twitter account more lately as well - averaging about 2000 impressions a day, with gusts up to 4500. I'm looking at fine-tuning Linked In, as well. Not devoting too much time (well, maybe a LITTLE too much time), but trying to at least build my presence back up when the time comes to promote YouTube and the Website, etc.

Today I'm meeting with a friend for lunch, but I've also arranged for my brakes to get fixed at the same time.

Saturday, 4 am, I'll be dropping kids off at the airport for a camp in Utah, before driving down to Colorado Springs for my first TEDx meeting with coaches. I had thought that was going to be last Thursday, actually, but their was a misunderstanding that was cleared up hours before I was to take the drive down there.

Tonight - I really need to focus on my website. Really. Honest.


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