Day 90-92 - 25 Days Left/August in Review

Had a strong final three days of July, at least diet and family-wise.

My weight this morning, despite my inability to work out due to my gout flare ups over the last couple of weeks, is 211.6 - before I go workout, which I am able to do thanks to the wonders of Prednisone. After the workout, I should be 210.6 - but I can't really count that chicken before it's hatched.

Regardless - my July workouts, which started strong - (10 in the first 15 days) - ended weak - (4 for the final 16 days) - were about the same as last month - 14 for 31. My diet, however, was much more consistent - 16 of 31 days, including the last 8 days, giving me more than half the month, after only 1/3 the month in June. Proof, essentially, that the diet is more crucial than working out.

Overall weight loss: July 1 - 216.0/Aug 1 - 211.6 - I'll go with 4 1/2 pds. Progress.

August promises to be even better, as the last 8 days have been part of my new approach of '11 day cycles' - 10 days on, 1 day off - with hopes of losing 5 lbs net each cycle up through my TEDx Talk.

On the career front, July was a little sidewise, but I do believe I've set some realistic goals going into the rest of the year. I'll talk about them as they happen, vs. before they occur. But they exist.

August will be a transition month - as older kids return from Utah today, and the 4 youngers all go back to school in the third week. Lots to do to get ready for that, and the entire schedule of life will change. But it seems like every month is like that.

Time to get going for now - go out, go after your goals, and #WinAnyway!


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