Day 95 - 99 - 117 Found Days

An up & down past four days. Meanwhile, the Found Days Finish Line is in sight.

Weekends are always a bit challenging around here, but things weren't terribly busy. Worked out 2 of the 4 days, then my gout flared again Sunday, turned extremely bad yesterday, and has hung on today, though the massive amount of meds I've put into my system (no prednisone yet) seems to have calmed it down from a 12 pain level (almost ER worthy) to about a 7 right now. At least I can walk today. Last night, I could bare take a step.

Diet-wise, I've been good - and this morning I was down to 210.4 after several days of 212, 214, despite doing the right things. We'll see if I'm on the losing trend tomorrow. Hoping to be 200 by next Saturday, when I have my TEDx rehearsal. I'm looking at adding Tumeric to my daily regimen - supposedly it's good for gout pain. And, if push comes to shove, I may have to let go of my Atkins diet, and go to a low-fat, low-cal, veggie rich diet - shakes and all. We'll see.

My 100K in 100 Days group has 46 members - and continues to grow. This morning I did a video interview with Felicia Slattery on how she brought in 26K in just a few days - and I'll be posting that in the group tomorrow - join and take a look.

I started up my Win Anyway Podcast again - first three episodes can be heard here. Efforting to get it on iTunes and other places. Want to hear me talk about anything in particular? Leave a comment and tell me!

With 18 Days to go, I feel like I've got a good chance to get a few more actions in motion. Newsletter and Website in particular.

Just need to stay focused.

What have you done in the last 99 days? What can you get done in the next 18?


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