Days 100 - 103 - 2 weeks left....

Which, not so coincidentally, means in 2 weeks the 2017 World Champion of Public Speaking will be crowned.

So much of my energy this week has been diverted by thinking about the house loan - and the fact we didn't qualify. And buying paint for the house while watching Kristi go nuts painting it. And thinking about going out to buy a new car.

And realizing I really need to go out and get a job, even with school starting up, in the next 4-6 weeks - as we are about to lose SSI income at Braden's court hearing in 10 days.

Frankly, there's a fair amount of stress around the house, and I'm going a little bit nuts.

With two weeks left, I know I haven't done what I wanted to do with the first 103 days of these 'found days'. But you'd be amazed how productive you can be when the pressure's on. Unless you don't want to be, because it makes you feel bad about how you weren't productive enough when the pressure WASN'T on as much.

The mental mindgames can be endless.

Here's hoping I have some real progress to show in the next 2 weeks.

Of course, realistically, I'm also 2 weeks into my 100K in 100 Days challenge - and only have 84 Days to, I'm ahead and behind all at once.

Just thinking about this week - school starting for four kids at three schools, a doc appt on Monday, as well as 'meet the teachers', 3 coaching appts., and the week caps off with my first TEDx rehearsal.


  1. You've been through quite a bit, Rich. A lesser man would have folded long ago. You strive for the Win, even when it's not what you wanted. As long as it's an improvement over what you had. I'm grateful for your openness and dedication.


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